Graduate Institute ofFerrous Technology



Prof. Chong Soo Lee received THERMEC’2018 DISTINGUISHED AWARD
GIFT 18-07-20 14:23

Prof. Chong Soo Lee of Material Reliability Lab (MRL) of GIFT received THERMEC’2018 DISTINGUISHED AWARD at the award ceremony during the THERMEC’ 2018 conference (July 8~13, 2018) held in Paris, France. The award has been established to recognize and honor researchers/scientists those who have made outstanding contributions in the field of advanced materials research over many years. Prof. Lee was selected as a recipient by the THERMEC Award Committee for his significant contribution in advancing of structure/property relations of Ti alloys and steels. THERMEC conference is being held every two or three years to promote academic/industrial advances in processing and manufacturing of advanced materials, attracting more than 1500 participants at each conference.


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