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GIFT Research Internship Program for POSTECHIAN

Are you POSTECHIAN? GIFT introduces an internship program during semester for POSTECH undergraduate students only. This is to give undergraduate students who are interested in GIFT an opportunity to figure o…

GIFT | 03-17 Time

2014 GIFT, POSTECH Winter Internship Program

The Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology (GIFT) of Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) offers an attractive Internship Program to those undergraduate students interested in the iron and st…

GIFT | 11-04 Time

2015 GIFT admission information session in September

Steel, Everywhere. The ever-evolving material & ​​The ever-evolving your future with GIFT   Do you want to study at GIFT? We plan to hold an Admission Information Session in Seoul. Please join u…

GIFT | 05-15 Time

The result of 2014 GIFT summer internship program

We deeply appreciate your active applying for internship program. We regret that we can’t invite all of you to GIFT internship program. Hoping we invite you next time. Please find the e-mail address b…

GIFT | 04-14 Time

GIFT 2013 Winter Internship

Steel, the Ever-Evolving Material The graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology (GIFT) of Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) offers an attractive internship Program to those undergraduate stu…

GIFT | 10-28 Time

[Notice] Fall 2012 Course Evaluation Process

Fall 2012 Course Evaluation Process Students are encouraged to participate in the Fall 2012 course evaluation during the designated period below. Your active participation and candid responses are highly …

GIFT | 11-19 Time

[Notice] Course Registration for 1st Semester, 2013

Announcement on Course Registration for 1st Semester, 20131. Course Registration Period: 7:30 Monday, November 26th, 2012 ∼ 18:00 Friday, December 7, 20122. Course Registration ProcedureA. Be sure to …

GIFT | 11-19 Time

Due date of Course with drawal

​The last day to withraw from course is 2nd November (Fri).​​If you have plan to withdraw a course, please write the document and submit it by the due date. Then you'll get the left credits except the with…

GIFT | 10-25 Time

[Notice] Fall 2012 Information on Credit Transfers

Information on Credit Transfers (for New Graduate Students who earned their previous degrees at POSTECH)   Students who are starting their graduate studies at POSTECH this semester and have earned th…

GIFT | 09-03 Time